“In a lovely part of the Province of Livorno and precisely in the municipality of Vada, is the ‘Fattoria due Casoni’ that under the direction of Mr. Rozzi Gaetano, has gained a significance worthy of every consideration […]”

Thus begins the chapter dedicated to our farm in the book “Pagine d’oro dell’agricoltura toscana- Golden pages of Tuscan agriculture” printed in 1934 by Casa Editrice Arno.

The subdivision of the area and the construction of the dwellings was the work of the owner Grand Duke Leopoldo of Tuscany in the early 1800s.

The ‘Fattoria due Casoni’ in the early 1900s, the current ‘Vallescaia’, was purchased in 1925 by the family of my father: Gaetano Rozzi.

Between 1926 and the 1930, he successfully completed important land reclamation work with hydraulic systems for the fields and the construction of an artesian well for irrigation.


New barns were built for raising dairy cows and workhorses to help cultivate the land according to the traditions of our family’s birthplace, Lombardy.

The old barns were abandoned and new structures were built, separate from the dwellings.

Throughout the 1900s, before and after the war, the farm played an important role in the agricultural sector of the area, basing its activities in livestock raising and cultivating the fields.

Pier Giuliano Rozzi