Near the Vallescaia agritourism lodge are the towns of Cecina, Vada, Rosignano and Castiglioncello. In these little coastal cities, you will find additional services, leisure activities, and sports facilities.

Just a short drive away, you may visit characteristic hill villages, sample the gastronomic products of the local tradition, discover the sources of renowned wines, and immerse yourself in history or spend a leisurely day in one of the nearby amusement parks.

Bolgheri: 22 km

At only 15 minutes by car we arrive to the historical S. Guido Chapel from which the carduccian cypresses (in double row) go up to Bolgheri, the small village where the poet Giosuè Carducci spent his youth.

If we want to immerse into the nature we can visit the Bolgheri Oasis: an area that compress a wide beach and a continuous dune from old and new origin, 8 to 16 m high, in which the behind part is an extended marshland of water and reclaimed land that limit with prairies and with the same mediterranean mark of the nearest hills. All these diverse ecosystems form a very appreciate landscape.

Acqua Village, Cecina: 6 km

In the characteristic Cecina Mare you can visit “Acquavillage”, the second most famous aquatic park in Italy.

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Cavallino Matto, Marina di Castagneto: 24 km

More at the south, going by the Aurelia road, passing the Bolgheri way, we arrive to Marina di Castagneto with its full equipped “Cavallino Matto”, an amusement park into the pine forest visited by every age persons.

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Pisa: 56 km

Founded by the Greeks, Ligurian or Etruscans, very important naval base during Roman Empire, it was one of the Four Marine Republics of Italy.

The city is rich in monuments, obligatory the visit to Piazza dei Miracoli with its Duomo, Battistero and the famous Tower, represent the most original romanic-tuscan example. It is important to underline that the access to the Tower has been reopen.

The Camposanto and the appreciate San Matteo National Museum deserve a visit.

In San Ranieri (protector of the city) day, June 16th, you can enjoy the beautiful “River Arno illumination”. The day after you can assist to the historic regata of S. Ranieri, traditional competition between the teams of four districts.